Code of Regulations

Code of regulations This document is the Code of Regulations of Wizz Air Virtual Airlines (henceforth: WizzVA). Issued by the Staff of the group. 

Valid until its repeal.



    The name of WizzVA Airlines comes from Wizz Air Virtual Airlines, a virtual airline which is based on the real-world Wizz Air Ltd. We officially co-operate with Wizz Air Ltd., our work is not only entertainment but it is also an advertisement for the real-world Wizz Air company. We are present on both global virtual aviation simulation networks, on IVAO and on VATSIM, too. We have the permissions of IVAO and VATSIM to use their network officially. Our group is a non-profit organisation without any financial operations or transactions. Our aim is providing more realistic virtual air service in the Middle-East European region. 

    Who has already joined our virtual airline (henceforth: VA) must keep the rules which are written in this document paragraph 2.2. Who wants to join us, read and agree with paragraph 2.1 of this document. 
    Our staff includes a:
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for daily role of the VA,
    Vice CEOs (V-CEO) for daily role of VATSIM or IVAO WizzVA group,
    Chief of Pilots who takes care of the updates of the variable datas, escpecially of timetable,
    Webmaster, who takes care of the website of WizzVA,
    Events Management,
    Public Relations Manager.
    WizzVA staff personal details are available in home page, feel free to contact with us if you need our support.



    Terms of registration to WizzVA:
    You must be at least 16 years old (CEO or V-CEO can take exception).
    You must have a minimum of 150 hours flight time on VATSIM or IVAO.
    Every application has to be accepted by WizzVA staff, our CEO can refuse to hire a pilot without giving any reason. Active membership on the home network of the applicant (IVAO or VATSIM). Applicant has to verify his/her membership with his/her network ID. We can not accept that registration which not includes this ID or the ID is wrong.
    Intermediate simulator and air traffic knowledge. Applicant has to know also how does his/her network works and this terms must be verified if the Staff requests it.
    The applicant has to agree with our aims and the Code of Regulations document, he/she have to work for the fair name of Wizz Air Ltd. and WizzVA. If the applicant sends his/her registration form, he/she agrees with this Code of Regulations document.
    If you want to join our virtual airline you have to fill the application form which you can find in ‘Register’. All boxes in application form are mandatory, you can’t send your application if any data is missing. It is illegal to register with use more than one e-mail adress. Then you can try to pass Entrance Exam. There is twenty questions teoretical test. You have twenty minutes to answer all questions. You have to have twelve (80%) correct answers if you want to pass the test. If you have postive result then you will be notified by WizzVA staff that you can try to pass your practical exam. Our practical test will check your ability to fly properly, reading maps, communication skills with ATC in English and knowledge about Airbus. If you fail to pass the test you have to wait 24 hours before you can try again.

    After passing the exam, our staff needs approximately 48 hours to verify your account.

    Sharing private information and files available on as well as facebook and Discord will be associated with blocking the account on a given website. All data available on the mentioned sites belongs only to WizzVA pilots. 


    After the successful registration, our member has to use this VA as it is written in paragraph 3. If our pilot wants to abolish his/her membership, he/she has to announce it to the Staff and a capable Staff member must delete the registration. In this case we must delete for good all the personal information of our member and we can not prove his/her flown hours for another VA. After passing our test, a new pilot obtain Pilot rank. A pilot can obtain a higher rank after flying required amount of hours, confirmed by authorized Pireps. Pilots can read more informations about their career structure in WizzVA in ‘WIZZva Ranks’ section which is located under ‘About us’ menu. All pilots are required to make at least one flight each month. Pilots that fail to do this will obtain ‘Inactive’ status. They will become active again after reporting their first flight after the break. Pilots inactive more than two months without any notice, can be removed from WizzVA by Board of Directors decision. Each flight must be registered with the smartCars program available in the DOWNLOAD section after registration process.


Every flight must be flown under real weather, geographical and technical conditions and without time acceleration, online on IVAO or VATSIM network. Our pilots have to use correct callsign when they are flying online (WZZ: Wizz Air, WUK: Wizz Air UK, WAZ: Wizz Air Abu Dhabi). Our pilots can use every kind of simulator which handles the network software (xpilot, vpilot, swift, IvAp or Squawkbox/FSInn) and compatible with our flight logging software. If our flight logging software does not work, pilot can fill manually a PIREP on our website. Incomplete flight aborted by reasons independent of a pilot’s actions is considered to be completed if total duration of flight is greater than 95% of time specified for the flight in the timetable (you have to vacated runway after landing) for the manual pirep to be accepted, the flight must be registered using the VOLANTA program, and in the remarks field, enter your volanta username. While sending PIREP, a pilot is obliged to remark it in the remarks field. Members can choose every Airbus A320/A321 model which includes the real based flight management system (FsLabs, ToLiss, Flight Factor, JarDesign, FsLabs, PSS, Wilco, Aerosoft etc.). Only the real world Wizz Air flights are accepted which flight numbers, details can be found on our website (timetable). It is recommended, although not required, to start a flight from the last destination airport. Our pilots must keep every time the simulated air traffic rules, should prepare all charts such as airports, SID/STARS, approaches diagrams that can be useful during the flight, right operations of Airbus A320 and the Rules and Regulations of the used simulation network (IVAO or VATSIM). During the flight in a controlled airspace, the pilot has to follow and comply the ATC instructions. It is recommended to book every flight on WizzVA website minimum 45 minutes before departure. All WizzVA pilots should take part in all Fly-Ins organized or recommended by WizzVA whenever possible. During these Fly-Ins pilots should use their personal callsigns WZZXXX (example: WZZ0001 or WZZ1). Our pilots do not criticise other virtual simulation teams, virtual airlines and networks.


WizzVA services, website, domain, and other tools developed for WizzVA are WizzVA property. Nobody can claim rights to any part of WizzVA services. Wizz Air name, logo and all other stuff connected with Wizz Air Ltd. Company have got copyright rights and only Wizz Air Ltd. Company and WizzVA (for flight simulation purpose) have got rights to use it.