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[VATSIM] 18/03/2018 Time2Help 7


About the event



 Kamil is 18 years old and since birth has been suffering from cerebral palsy. He does not walk, sit and play like all the kids around but he is playful, cheerful and always smiling boy. The boy has wonderful parents who love him and do everything to help him. Unfortunately, they encounter a serious impediment which is money. 

Kamil is a son of Sebastian Budzyla, since 2008 the Pilot of Cassubian Virtual Airline. Together with its members, with the consent of VATGOV and with the support of the Board of PL-VACC, we ask for help today. 

We can do it in two ways:

1) by flying a lot or even more - We have managed to obtain a sponsorship. The sponsor agreed to pay:

1 PLN for every registered and done flight.

2 PLN for flying to the airport with procedural control

and probably - we wait for confirmation:

3 PLN if you choose PAR approach to Krzesiny (EPKS) 

The more you fly in Poland the more money sponsor pays.

Please make bookings on this page!


Posted By: Sebastian Kazimierczyk

News Id: 96 posted on 2018-02-02 23:45:53
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