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[VATSIM] 11/02/2018 Rome Real Operation


Welcome! Book your slot. To book choose the airport from above. 

REMEBER! All times are in ZULU time. 

ETA - Estimated time of arrival, that is the time when aircraft arrives at the destination. 

ETD - Estimated time of departure, that is the time when aircraft departs from the airport. 

Please make sure to call for the clearance maximum 15 minutes before your ETD.


World wide destinations, departures over the Mediterranean sea, 

reduced takeoff minima, spectacular approaches over the eternal city, 3nm separation on final,

independent parallel ILS, high speed runway exits, what more could we possibly offer?

That's right, for three hours we will make it 'as real as it gets' over Rome, and you will be the guest of honour.

Schedule your flight, brief your crew, load the sim and get ready to let roar your engines!

A screenshot competition will be held, send screenshots to pr@vatita.net,

they must include a way to identify Fiumicino (so MFDs are also fine if the airport is not in sight). 

The winner screenshot will be used as vatita's facebook page cover picture.



Posted By: Sebastian Kazimierczyk

News Id: 95 posted on 2018-01-31 19:43:03
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