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[VATSIM][EVENT] Krakow TMA Real Ops


Dear pilots!

PolishVACC is hosting a live event again! On Saturday, August 3rd between 4 and 22 UTC our ATCOs will group in AirPoint Kraków to light up both Kraków (EPKK) and Katowice(EPKT) top-down for you! During 18 hours we have more than 200 slots available to book for those who loves to follow real timetable.
Of course if you wish to fly anytime, anywhere and what you like you are more than welcome to fly without booked slot! If you are in Kraków - don't heistate to visit us!

BOOKING: http://realops.pl-vacc.org.pl/

Posted By: Sebastian Kazimierczyk

News Id: 102 posted on 2019-07-17 12:35:00
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