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LHBP information

Hub ICAO: LHBP Airport Name: Budapest LHBP
Latitude: 47.4333 Longtitude: 19.25
Hub Manager:

LHBP map

LHBP stats

Number of Pilots: 36
Number of Flights Flown: 6435
Number of Routes Flown From LHBP: 128
Total Miles Flown: 4283915 nm
Total Hours Flown: 12475
Total Fuel Used: 14860514 kg

Pilot Roster for LHBP

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
Hungary WZZ0354 Levente Kalmár Command ATP Captain 436 944.49 Active
Hungary WZZ0936 Istvan Torcsvary Master First Officer 79 178.07 Active
Hungary WZZ0951 Bence Bozi Command ATP Captain 471 961.10 Active
Germany WZZ1046 Samy Greve Senior First Officer 59 131.39 Active
Hungary WZZ1069 Gabor Petrovszki Flight Captain 152 322.05 Active
Hungary WZZ1077 Zoltan Sarkozi Senior Flight Captain 200 360.28 Active
Hungary WZZ1107 Zéta Garamvölgyi Master First Officer 88 196.41 Active
Hungary WZZ1114 Mészáros Viktor First Officer 46 83.37 Active
Austria WZZ1136 Constantin Gruber Senior Second Officer 32 52.33 Active
Hungary WZZ1193 Bence Tomopulosz Senior Second Officer 27 56.13 Active
Spain WZZ1217 Carlos Marin Second Officer 7 22.09 Active
Hungary WZZ1279 David Papp Second Officer 23 36.49 Active
Hungary WZZ1330 James Fernandes Commercial Pilot 4 5.37 Active
Austria WZZ1375 Guenther Kisslinger IFR Commercial Pilot 7 15.12 Active
Austria WZZ1379 Patrik Deutsch Pilot 1 1.11 Active

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