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EPWA information

Hub ICAO: EPWA Airport Name: Warsaw-Okecie  
Latitude: 52.1657 Longtitude: 20.9671
Hub Manager:

EPWA map

EPWA stats

Number of Pilots: 24
Number of Flights Flown: 4191
Number of Routes Flown From EPWA: 88
Total Miles Flown: 2558715 nm
Total Hours Flown: 7833
Total Fuel Used: 8834765 kg

Pilot Roster for EPWA

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
Poland WZZ0015 Sebastian Kazimierczyk Command ATP Captain 571 960.47 Active
United Kingdom WZZ0018 Bartlomiej Kipis Fleet Captain 569 1399.05 Active
Poland WZZ0901 Mikolaj Dudko Senior Master ATP Captain 383 753.57 Active
Poland WZZ1009 Jakub Lukaszewski Senior ATP Captain 247 1481.12 Active
Poland WZZ1095 Bartlomiej Matyja Captain 103 234.17 Active
Poland WZZ1301 Lukasz Czopek Master Second Officer 37 69.17 Active
Poland WZZ1439 Bartosz Golabiecki Senior Second Officer 32 59.36 Active
Poland WZZ1532 Michal Boniecki Master Second Officer 39 63.40 Active
Poland WZZ1573 Kacper Szymanski Senior First Officer 51 111.46 Active
Poland WZZ1599 Mateusz Chalupniczak Senior Second Officer 19 42.14 Active
United Kingdom WZZ1659 Michal Szkodzinski IFR Commercial Pilot 5 10.49 Active
Poland WZZ1689 Jan Naszkowski Second Officer 11 23.15 Active

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