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EPKT information

Hub ICAO: EPKT Airport Name: Katowice  
Latitude: 50.4667 Longtitude: 19.0667
Hub Manager:

EPKT map

EPKT stats

Number of Pilots: 20
Number of Flights Flown: 3516
Number of Routes Flown From EPKT: 64
Total Miles Flown: 2590596 nm
Total Hours Flown: 6822
Total Fuel Used: 8023055 kg

Pilot Roster for EPKT

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Active
Poland WZZ0002 Tadeusz Kominek Senior Flight Captain 138 2215.47 Active
France WZZ0003 Edward Pustolka Senior Fleet Captain 688 6148.39 Active
Poland WZZ0008 Bartosz Bednorz Master ATP Captain 298 1689.29 Active
Poland WZZ0545 Marcin Dobosz Master ATP Captain 252 511.20 Active
Poland WZZ0677 Wojciech Bak Fleet Captain 588 1452.29 Active
Poland WZZ1011 Radek Fijalkowski Command ATP Captain 498 994.48 Active
Poland WZZ1103 Mateusz Stachera Master ATP Captain 306 526.38 Active
Poland WZZ1234 Krzysztof Ciosek Senior Captain 153 280.25 Active
Poland WZZ1290 Pawel Piecuch First Officer 38 240.02 Active
Poland WZZ1569 Krzysztof Czerner Second Officer 17 21.34 Active
Poland WZZ1585 Piotr Reimann Senior ATP Captain 155 497.40 Active
Poland WZZ1699 Dominik Zochowski Second Officer 22 39.59 Active
Poland WZZ1700 Konrad Wyszyński Second Officer 19 26.45 Active
Poland WZZ1805 Kornel Starczewski Pilot 1 1.50 Active
Poland WZZ1807 Witold Mazur Pilot 1 3.23 Active

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