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Name Pireps Hours
Nemes Mark2349:21
Orestis Doukas1431:45
Aldea Rares1525:27
Samy Greve1024:48
Lourenço Dias924:47


Airline Stats

    Total Pilots: 145

    Active Pilots: 116

    Inactive Pilots: 29
    Flights Flown: 27 803
    Flights Today: 1
    Total Hours: 60 750,29
    Total Distance: 19 828 046 NM
    Total Schedules: 1680
    Total Passengers: 4 752 003
    Total Fuel: 133 879 tons
    Total Aircraft: 133
    Registration Is Now: OPEN

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Pilots Online:

Israel Maor Cohen

Portugal Lourenço Dias

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Currently 38 guest(s) visiting.

Welcome to W!ZZ Virtual Airlines

Wizz Air Virtual Airlines is based on the real-world Wizz Air which was established in 2004. The most important aim of Wizz Air Virtual Airlines is providing the most realistic virtual air service in Central and Eastern European region.
If you are ready for 'Wizzperience', if you are ready to feel the low-cost feeling, if you like one of our HUB's and you like the world's mostly beloved aircraft, the Airbus A320, feel free to join us because it is YOUR VA!

For reporting a flight we use specially created for us Wizz VA ACARS System - information on setting up and preparing for the first flight are located on our web in section Download

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Currently Booked Flights

Flight Pilot From To Aircraft Booked On Bid Expires
W65029 Nikodem Rudzinski EPKK ENHD HA-LYR 2020-09-24 19:29:56 2020-09-25 19:29:56
W61844 Kornel Starczewski UKLL EPWR HA-LWK 2020-09-24 18:50:34 2020-09-25 18:50:34
W61215 Jakub Bernas EPKT ENTO HA-LXR 2020-09-24 18:40:37 2020-09-25 18:40:37
W62861 Jonathan Burrell LOWW LEMG HA-LTG 2020-09-24 11:39:12 2020-09-25 11:39:12
W61561 Damian Bigos EPWA LBBG HA-LTC 2020-09-24 10:40:34 2020-09-25 10:40:34

Latest Arrivals

Flight No Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Status
W61016EGCNEPKT02.05WZZ1011 Radek FijalkowskiPENDING / On Time
W62467LHBPEPWA00.57WZZ1227 Tamas MeszarosPENDING / Early
W63398LIBDLRCL01.38WZZ2114 Aldea RaresPENDING / Early
W61267EPKTLDSP01.30WZZ2132 Dawid KalinowskiPENDING / On Time
W62371LHBPLEMD03.30WZZ2004 Mate BellovicsPENDING / Delayed
W61295EPKTUKLL00.49WZZ1805 Kornel StarczewskiPENDING / On Time
W62368LFPOLHBP02.02WZZ1888 Krisztian NagyPENDING / On Time
W61015EPKTEGCN02.31WZZ1011 Radek FijalkowskiPENDING / On Time
W65034ENGMEPKK02.14WZZ1666 Jakub BernasPENDING / On Time
W61252LCLKEPKT02.54WZZ1805 Kornel StarczewskiPENDING / Early

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